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Why Edinburgh Holiday Lets are Better Than Hotels!

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The days where the only option when travelling was to stay in a hotel are long gone. Thankfully, over the years there’s been a move towards new styles of lodging including all the exciting possibilities of holiday lets! Now with COVID-19 such a huge factor in all our lives, having your own home to stay in when you’re travelling is one of the best ways to feel and stay safe. So, if you’re planning a visit to Edinburgh, keep scrolling to find out why we believe staying in one of Dickins’ Edinburgh holiday lets is a much better way to experience Edinburgh rather than opting to stay in a hotel!

1. Travelling in the age of COVID-19

Edinburgh holiday lets

Our homes are all cleaned using stringent COVID-19 protocols

This year, thanks to COVID-19, the rule book has been thrown out the window! The ability to stay in a self contained holiday let feels more important than ever, providing you with your own private space in which to stay and feel safe. It’s also perfect if you need to quarantine or self isolate in Edinburgh as you’ll be able to cook and do your laundry as well as having much more space than pacing around a hotel room for several weeks!  We are proud have the Good to Go stamp of approval from Visit Scotland, endorsed by the Scottish Government ensuring we meet all of the safety guidelines so you can stay in a Dickins home with confidence. Covid-19 protocols are being used for cleaning all our homes, so you can always feel safe when you arrive. 

In the event you need to quarantine (either on arrival or due to contact tracing) we give you an insiders list of great local companies which deliver and we have a great team on hand to ensure food and any other supplies can be delivered to your temporary home if needs be. For more information on booking during this time, read our Coronavirus page.

2. Experience Edinburgh Like a Local

Leamington Terrace is in the fabulous neighbourhood of Bruntsfield. So much to do here!

Imagine waking up in Edinburgh, in a beautiful and comfortable home knowing that the day holds boundless exciting possibilities and adventures for you. After you’ve enjoyed your morning cuppa and are ready to head out to explore the city, you’ll be walking out the front door of a real home and past a hotel reception! What a great way to start your day as a traveller and not just a tourist. Also, we think there’s something special about knowing you have the keys to your own Edinburgh front door, however briefly, to return to after a day of wandering down cobbled lanes and soaking up the city’s history.

We regularly create blogs, so you’ll find a wealth of great insider information about things to do in the city by having a good search here.

3. Bring The Kids (and even the Dog!)

edinburgh holiday lets

Just don’t make your dogs too comfortable on the furniture!!

Edinburgh is the greenest city in the UK and with a range of family-friendly attractions, it makes a wonderful destination to visit as a family and we have a range of fabulous family friendly holiday accommodation. Similarly, there’s no need to leave your beloved pooch behind as we have a fantastic selection of dog friendly holiday apartments too!

4. Cook up a Storm and Relax!

Edinburgh holiday lets

Our kitchens are very well equipped for dining at home.

There’s a time and place for exploring great restaurants or ordering in room service, but if that is your only option the treat can quickly turn into a bit of a chore. By staying in one of our holiday lets, you’ll be able to cook in a well-equipped kitchen and there are so many brilliant world class independent food shops and markets in the city to buy your ingredients from and inspire you. And you won’t have to eat sitting on your bed! Plus, if you’re here with your young family you can make your children the food they like and once they’re tucked up in bed, you can relax in your sitting room. Bliss!

5. Uniqueness

Edinburgh Holiday Lets

One of the best parts about staying in one of our gorgeous Edinburgh holiday lets is you are staying in someone’s home, which in and of itself is unique. You can expect a homeliness that is often sorely lacking in hotels as they are built to accommodate everyone, which can make them bland. As we manage a large selection of beautiful homes, there is a range of styles to choose from, as each holiday homes reflects the personality of their owner and their tastes.

6. Peace of Mind

If anything goes wrong during your stay, we’re on hand to sort it out. We’re great problem solvers!

Holidays are meant to be memorable for the right reasons, so there’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling you get when you read a text message from your Airbnb owner when you get off the plane saying that their boiler is broken and they are going to have to cancel your booking.

When you stay with Dickins, you can relax from the moment you’ve made the booking because if a problem arises before or during your stay, we’ll be on the case to resolve it quickly and if that’s not possible, then we’ll move you to another of our quality holiday apartments in Edinburgh. We pride ourselves on being great problems solvers.

7. Save Money!

Edinburgh Holiday Lets

Lastly, as well as all the great reasons we’ve listed above, you’ll end up saving money too as our holiday lets are nearly always more competitively priced than the equivalent standard hotel. When you book with us for 4 weeks, you’ll save 20% too so our guests who stay longer, pay less. Then you’ll have more money to spend on all the fun things in life!

Featured Home: Royal Crescent

A great deal of care has gone into the preparation and presentation of this wonderful three bedroom home on elegant Royal Crescent in Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town which sleeps 5, so that guests are sure to feel right at home here. Located on the first floor, the apartment is flooded with light. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a fabulous dining kitchen. All the rooms lead off a very attractive rectangular hallway and there are high ceilings and fine architectural details. Both family and dog friendly, you are sure to have a great stay here.

So, if you’re normally someone who stays in hotels, why not give an Edinburgh holiday let with Dickins a go. We’d be delighted to hear from you. You can search for a home here

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