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6 of the Best Gluten-Free Places in Edinburgh!


Looking for some inspiration on where to enjoy delicious gluten-free food when dining out in Edinburgh? Thankfully, Edinburgh’s vibrant foodie scene includes plenty gluten-free options! Whether you’re craving a scrumptious Italian pizza, a full Scottish breakfast, a hearty burger, or fancy a healthy Acai bowl, we’ve found a range of cafes and restaurants to save you the bother of going cafe to cafe, asking for their gluten-free options. Enjoy!

1. Edinburgh Larder Cafe

  • Where: 15 Blackfriars Street (Old Town)
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Located just off the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Larder Cafe is passionate about local and seasonal produce. They also have a good selection of gluten-free options. If you visit for breakfast, you can enjoy their Larder Full Breakfast, French Toast with Scottish Honey, or a bowl of delicious porridge, and if you happen to be in for lunch, there’s a range of sandwiches to choose from!

Website: www.edinburghlarder.co.uk


Photo Credit: Edinburgh Larder (Twitter)

2. Elephants and Bagels

As the name suggests, Elephants and Bagels specialises in bagels! This quirky cafe is not only crammed full of elephant ornaments and art, it also has an extensive range of bagels to choose from and even gluten-free options. So, if you’re in the area why not pop in for lunch.

Website: www.facebook.com/ElephantsandBagels


Photo Credit: Elephants and Bagels (Instagram)

3. Pumpkin Brown

  • Where: 16 Grassmarket (Old Town)
  • The Grassmarket is a wonderfully historic place and here’s a nearby holiday home: 11/(5) Old Fishmarket Close

Nestled away in the vibrant and historic Grassmarket, Pumpkin Brown is extremely passionate about the health benefits of eating well and therefore serves up a range of healthy yet scrumptious food. The great thing is, Pumpkin Brown is completely dairy and gluten-free, and where possible all the ingredients are locally sourced.

Website: www.pumpkinbrown.com


Photo Credit: Pumpkin Brown (website)

4. Vittoria Group (including La Favorita)

  • Where: Vittoria on the Bridge, Vittoria on the Walk, La Favorita
  • Thinking of visiting Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Festival? We think you’ll love Old Tolbooth Wynd

Every once in a while we can’t help but crave a slice of good pizza, and if you’re looking for a gluten-free option, where better to head than the Award-Winning Pizza Restaurant Vittoria/La Favorita. With various locations to choose from, there’s bound to be one near you! Nearly all their pizzas have a gluten-free option as well as some of their pasta.

Website: www.vittoriagroup.co.uk


Photo Credit: Vittoria Group (Instagram)

5. Archipelago Bakery

Archipelago make a wide range of freshly baked goods, including a selection of delectable bread and scones! If you’re in for lunch, why not try their vegan and gluten-free soup or choose from their range of salads, and finish your meal with one of their delightful gluten-free cakes.

Website: www.archipelagobakery.co.uk


Photo Credit: Archipelago Bakery (website)

6. Tupiniquim

  • Where: The top of Middle Meadow Walk (Old Town)
  • Old Town is wonderfully charming and a great place to stay when visiting: 54 (8) St Mary’s Street

Lastly, located at the top of Middle Meadow Walk, in a colourful green police box, Tupiniquim serves up amazing sweet and savoury Brazilian crepes! The best bit is, all their crepes are gluten-free! So why not pop by on a sunny day and enjoy a crepe then a wander through the Meadows!

Website: www.tupiniquim.co.uk


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