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6 of the Best Vegan-Friendly Places in Edinburgh Right Now

Holy Cow Edinburgh

Emma who runs the local guide to vegan food in Edinburgh, Vegan Edinburgh, has kindly written a blog for Dickins where she’s letting us in on where you can enjoy some of the best vegan food in Edinburgh at the moment. Emma has lived in Edinburgh for over a decade and loves nothing more than discovering a new favourite place to eat – so keep reading for some brilliant vegan eatery tips!

Best Vegan Food in Edinburgh Now

As the local guide to vegan food in Edinburgh, I am always on the lookout for new places offering delicious eats to try every single day. Thankfully for vegans like me, Scotland’s capital is one of the best cities in the county for cruelty-free food, and the vegan scene in the city is getting better all the time. From exotic curries to nutritious salads or glorious comfort food – Edinburgh has you covered.

Without a doubt, there has been no better year for vegans in Edinburgh than 2017. Ever since the start of this year, there has been a flurry of new openings that are either completely vegan or very vegan-friendly. Here are just a handful of my favourites:

1. Annakut

Annakut Edinburgh

This little gem popped up in Newington just a few weeks ago, but it’s been enjoying a roaring trade and impressing its guests with its varied and imaginative vegetarian menu. Inspired by the diverse regions of India, Annakut offers a range of delicious dishes from the humble chana daal to a show-stopping vegan thali. Definitely one to visit if you want to try something new.

Make sure you order: the vegan thali.

2. The Herbivore Kitchen

Herbivore Kitchen Edinburgh

Before it opened, The Herbivore Kitchen had already established its reputation as a legendary maker of vegan and vegetarian treats at the monthly Herbivore Supper Club and the Herbivore Box in the Meadows. Now it has a permanent home in Clerk Street, and has enlisted the help of a few friends to create a delicious menu, including bacon from Sgaia’s Vegan Meats and kukus from Grumpy Food.

A slice of vegan kuku with one of the Herbivore Kitchen’s side salad followed by one of their delicious dairy-free chocolate brownies makes for a perfect vegan lunch.

Make sure you order: a beautiful vegan brownie.

3. Grassroots Health Ltd

Grassroots Edinburgh

This completely vegan café opened up in Bruntsfield in April, but it’s one of the best places in the city for getting your favourite vegan food. In addition to Joanna’s famous homemade vegan sandwiches (the ‘Veaty Chease’ is simply heaven between two slices of bread!), Grassroots sells vegan treats from some of the best suppliers in Scotland.

If you’re craving a vegan macaroni pie from Cool Jerk’s Vegan Pies, a galaxy doughnut from the Doughnut Family, or a decadent raw cake slice from Blitz Patisserie, then Grassroots will fix you up in no time.

Make sure you order: the veaty chease sandwich.

4. Holy Cow

Holy Cow Edinburgh

Holy Cow has been open for just over a year now, but in that time it has achieved a legendary status among Edinburgh vegans thanks to their belly-busting vegan burgers and sandwiches. Located two minute’s walk from the main bus station, this vegan café should be on your “must-visit” list, even if you’re only in town for a day or two.

Their famous vegan burger range include varieties like falafel, pulled jackfruit, portobello mushroom and tofu, and are served with Holy Cow’s delicious chunky chips. If you can, try and save some room for a slice of one of their tempting homemade cakes.

Make sure you order: the portobello mushroom burger, with a generous helping of homemade chips.

5. Harmonium

Harmonium Edinburgh

Of course, no list on new vegan openings in Edinburgh would be complete without giving a mention to Harmonium – perhaps the most eagerly anticipated veggie restaurant in Edinburgh ever. From the same folk who run Mono, Stereo and the Flying Duck in Glasgow, there was a lot of excitement when this place set up shop down in Leith. Thankfully, unlike a lot of overly-hyped places these days, Harmonium’s menu does not disappoint.

With vegan versions of all your favourite comfort food like macaroni cheese, greasy pizza, tasty burgers and more, Harmonium is definitely worth the trip. Also, don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of wine from their completely vegan selection. Chin chin!

Make sure you order: The creamy vegan macaroni cheese.

6. Illegal Jacks

Illegal Jacks Edinburgh

Unlike all the other places on this list, Illegal Jacks has been feeding Edinburgh for quite a few years now (not counting a brief hiatus when he had to move and reopen in a new property after the roof caved in), but this place is definitely still worth noting thanks to their new and recently improved veggie offering.

You may already know Illegal Jacks for their incredible burritos and tex-mex food, but recently Jack has added a whole range of vegan options into the mix, including pulled jackfruit and irresistible vegan cheese. Add that to the existing offering of veggie haggis, veg chilli and sauteed veggies and there’s absolutely no way that you will leave this place hungry!

Make sure you order: The pulled jackfruit quesadillas with beautiful melty vegan cheese.

These are just a small selection of my favourite vegan haunts in Edinburgh right now. If you want to check out even more tempting vegan eats, make sure you pay me a visit on my website www.veganedinburgh.com or say hello to me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/veganedinburgh), Twitter (www.twitter.com/vegan_edi) or Instagram (www.instagram.com/vegan_edi). See you around!

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