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Grams – Edinburgh’s First Naked Cafe

Before you get too excited – no, it’s not a nudist eatery. Grams is a new cafe in Haymarket where you’ll be able to buy clean, healthy non-processed fast food and cakes as well as artisan coffee. You might’ve already spotted the exquisite Grams cakes at Stockbridge Market in the past few months because, well, they’re too pretty to miss!

Raw cakes is where it all started, but now Grams will be expanding into healthy, natural fast food and smoothies too. We were especially excited about the thought of guilt-free cake when getting in touch with the owner Lewis to ask him a few questions about his new venture…


For our readers who are yet to hear about Grams – how would you sum up your business in one sentence?

Healthy, natural, affordable fast food and cake.

How did you get into making and selling raw cakes?

Raw cakes aren’t new, they’ve been in Australia for years. The cakes I make aren’t just for the raw foodie, they are packed full of healthy fats, protein and nutrients so everyone can enjoy something sweet without the guilt. I eat everything and have a serious sweet tooth but I am into my health and fitness….tricky combination. That’s why I started making the cakes, so I had something to curb my sweet tooth while not feeling bad about it.


To those who don’t know what a raw cake is – how would you explain it?

It’s pretty simple; all the ingredients used in the cakes are natural and mostly unprocessed. For example one of my cheesecakes will have cashews, dates, almonds, coconut oil, maple syrup and cacao. Now, maple syrup and coconut oil are processed but very minimally and I don’t have to tell you about the positive attributes of coconut oil!


Is there a story behind the name Grams?

Anyone who has an interest in health and food will constantly be looking at the weight of everything; how many grams of protein can I have? Does that have too many grams of carbs? How much do I weigh? It’s all to do with how much we eat and how we maintain a balanced lifestyle so we don’t end up eating lettuce and carrot sticks everyday.

Where did you learn how to make raw cakes?

Just a bit of trial and error……a lot of trial and error.


Have you had any kitchen disasters you’d like to share with us?

Haha ummmm not too many fortunately, because all my ingredients cost so much I try to be very careful with everything. I have definitely dropped a cake or two while heading to the Stockbridge Market though.

Your cakes look amazing. How do you get them to look so perfect?

Again, just trial and error. I weigh absolutely everything to get everything as symmetrical as I can. I’m never happy with them, I’m my worst critic.

What’s your most popular cake?

Easy, raw snickers. I can’t make enough of them. Everyone likes peanut butter so this really hits the spot.


In addition to the shop, your cakes are selling in local businesses throughout the city – where else can people grab a Grams cake?

You can get them at Grounds Cafe (Stockbridge), Hula Juice Bar (Victoria Street), Ostara (Leith), Cairngorm (Melville Street) and Real Foods (Broughton Street).


You’re about to open your first shop – how’s that going?

It’s pretty stressful, I’m sitting in the middle of a building site atm while writing this. I’m here everyday trying to speed things up but I’m pretty rubbish at DIY.


What’s your favourite café in Edinburgh?

One cafe?Jeez….For coffee probably Cairngorm (Melville Street) or Artisan Roast (Stockbridge) but for food and drink….probably Hula Juice Bar. Edinburgh has loads of cool new places at the moment and I don’t get out of the kitchen too much so I’m sure I’m missing out on some awesome places. So not to be diplomatic about it all and I had to choose one it would probably be Hula. I love coffee but I’m a sucker for a peanut butter smoothie.

As an Edinburhger born and bred, you must know this city pretty well. If you had to recommend three places to grab breakfast, dinner and then evening drinks, which would you choose and why?

Breakfast – Salt Cafe in Bruntsfield – I’ve only been here once for breakfast but I really want to go back. Maybe the best poached eggs I’ve had in Edinburgh? (The Pantry in Stockbridge is on par).

Dinner – The Blue Parrot (St Steven Street, Stockbridge) – so much amazing freshly made Mexican food. It’s such a good price and the Margaritas are the best.

Drinks – Always a fan of The Antiquary in Stockbridge. If you want some cocktails I’d probably recommend the Devil’s Advocate, the guys in there know their stuff.

For any tourists coming to Edinburgh this year – what’s the one place you would urge them to visit?

Grams, 16 Haymarket Terrace….shameless self promotion. If it’s nice the Botanic Gardens are always a good walk.

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Grams Naked Cafe is now open at 16 Haymarket Terrace – check it out and have a guilt-free cake or lunch!

All images in this post are taken by Grams.


  • Ellie

    July 13, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Really disappointed this wasn’t a nudist thing. Still, cakes look delish – will have to pop in sometime.


    • Dickins

      July 13, 2016 at 3:20 pm

      Haha, yes you definitely should!

  • Morag

    May 12, 2016 at 2:00 am

    Others offering gluten free with no or low processed sugar (and often raw, vegan or dairy free and/or organic) are Moon & Hare in Bruntsfield, Organic Delicious in Morningside and Pumpkin Brown in the Grassmarket.


    • Dickins

      May 16, 2016 at 2:20 pm

      Thank you Morag – have been meaning to try Moon & Hare for a long time and looking forward to Pumpkin Brown opening!

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