Exclusive Luxury Apartments in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for the most exquisite luxury apartments Edinburgh has to offer then you’ve come to the right place. Edinburgh is blessed with so much beautiful housing and much that claims to be luxury, but sadly isn’t! Luxury means different things to different people and this collection of luxury apartments in Edinburgh contains homes which are contemporary as well as luxury traditional ones. To make your stay with us as wonderful as possible, we’ve curated a range of services with brilliant people that we either organise for you or recommend a partner company to help. So, if you would like to be collected from the airport by a chauffeur, have housekeeping during your stay, a chef, or the fridge filled with local artisan products when you arrive, we can help. We know brilliant babysitters and dog walkers too.


Dean Park Mews

from £410 to £740 /week

Nelson Street

Central New Town
from £430 to £815 /week

Brunswick Street

East New Town and Hillside
from £445 to £795 /week

Stafford Street

West End and Dean
from £450 to £850 /week

Carlton Street

from £450 to £780 /week

Montpelier Park

Lauriston and Bruntsfield
from £505 to £1100 /week
10% Discount
24 Jan - 06 Apr

Brunton Place

East New Town and Hillside
from £515 to £1000 /week

Leamington Terrace

Lauriston and Bruntsfield
from £525 to £1100 /week

Powderhall Road

from £525 to £1000 /week