What The Dickins: A Tale Of Edinburgh City

Our Top 10 Instagram Photos in March

Rock House luxury apartment edinburgh

We’ve seen a fair share of sunny days in March, which has been so lovely. And with sun comes flowers of course – which people on Instagram seem to love. And who wouldn’t, especially after the winter?! From our March top ten list we can gather that a beautiful Edinburgh crescent will always do well, as will a snap of the picturesque Circus Lane. Sharing some hidden spots, such as the winner this month: the back garden at Rock House, will also get people tapping ‘like’!

1. Rock House Garden


We couldn’t resist trying out the new garden furniture at Rock House, and with Calton Hill and the Dugald Stewart Monument in the background we quickly realised it would make a great photo for Instagram. And it did as this was our most liked photo in March!

2. Eglinton Crescent


Edinburgh crescents make such amazing photos – and this photo taken on Eglinton Crescent in the West End is no exception. We actually look after a gorgeous three bedroom flat here at number 20.

3. Princes Street Gardens


It’s lovely to see Princes Street Gardens become busier and busier the warmer it gets. This photo was taken in the morning so not many people around, but head there on a sunny Saturday and you’ll get to experience the busy vibe!

4. Circus Lane


Oh Circus Lane, you never disappoint. We look forward to seeing the various flowers on this wee lane bloom and make it even more irresistible!

5. Hendersons


Hendersons is an Edinburgh institution that has been around since 1988 serving delicious vegetarian and vegan food – food that we assure will go down well with meat-eaters too.

6. View over the New Town


This spring evening was so clear that you could see all the way over the Firth of Forth to Fife. Beautiful!

7. The Meadows


The Meadows Park is the place to be in spring if you’re in the mood for some crocus-spotting – because as you can see; there are a few of them!

8. Circus Lane


This is the St Vincent Street end of the adorable Circus Lane. St Vincent is a cosy little pub with a decent selection of beers if you’re ever in the area and longing for a drink.

9. New Festival home on East Claremont Street


How trendy and pretty isn’t this place?! This beauty of a home will be available for the Edinburgh Festival and you’ll be able to book it on our website soon, so keep your eyes open!

10. Calton Hill

There’s such a sense of history about the street Calton Hill. And it is very old – Rock House that we look after was built in 1765 and so it predates the New Town.

Do comment and let us know which photo is your favourite! To see more of our snaps you can find us on Instagram @dickins_edinburgh.

If you want to come and explore Edinburgh too take a look at our wonderful self catering homes in the city centre!

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