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Our Top 10 Instagram Photos in April

Circus Place holiday apartments Edinburgh

If there’s one thing that has dominated Instagram in April it’s the cherry blossom trees that have been blooming all over Edinburgh. We never get tired of seeing beautiful snaps of this pink wonder – and all other natural wonders of spring of course! There’s something about delicate flowers in various colours that do so well against the beautiful grey buildings of Edinburgh don’t you think? Enough about flowers though – it’s time to take a look at which of our Instagram photos in April were the most popular ones!

1.North West Circus Place


This stretch of Circus Place is where Stockbridge meets the New Town and it’s so nice that it was our most liked photo in April! Many lovely little cafes with tables outside to sit down for a cup of coffee here.

2. Canongate Kirk


Canongate Kirk looks even more impressive against those stunning cherry blossom trees! If you walk past make sure you also walk around the building and visit the cemetery behind it.

3. St Bernard’s Crescent


So thoughtful of the owner of this home on St Bernard’s Crescent to place their window boxes on the railings instead so that passers by get to enjoy them too!

4. Culross Palace


Culross in Fife is the perfect destination for a day trip from Edinburgh – the village is so beautiful and very, very Instagram-friendly. Just look at that glorious yellow colour of Culross Palace!

5. George Square


A beautiful part of George Square. We were wondering why the stonework on some buildings here is the way it is – does anyone know?

6. Cherry Blossom


There had to be at least one more cherry blossom photo in our top ten! This is from a home we might take on that Louise went to view the other week. Stunning place!

7. The Little Green Van


This adorable van is a great place to get coffee from before taking a stroll on Portobello beach. We’ve heard their affogato and brownies are divine too…

8. Calton Hill


Interesting shapes and textures on Calton Hill. There’s also something about photos of cars against the grey stonework of Edinburgh, never gets boring!

9. Viola


Sometimes you just have to stop and marvel at how something this beautiful can survive and thrive in a crack in the pavement. This little friend had to end up on Instagram!

10. St Andrew’s House


Edinburgh is full of stunning entrances and this is definitely one of them. Wow!

Do comment and let us know which photo is your favourite! To see more of our snaps you can find us on Instagram @dickins_edinburgh.

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