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5 Must-See Comedy Shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018

5 Must-See Comedy Shows at the Fringe 2018

The Edinburgh Fringe is almost here and The Gilded Balloon is one of the Big Four venue operators – their main venue is the Teviot Row House by Bristo Square right next to the University of Edinburgh. The Gilded Balloon is known for their world class comedy shows, so naturally, we asked the lovely folk there to list 5 Must-See Comedy Shows at the Fringe 2018 – and we have to say their recommendations sound pretty great! Take a look below.

1. Stuart Mitchell: Gordon Ramsay’s Karma Cafe

Returning to the Fringe for his highly-anticipated sophomore run, Stuart Mitchell tells the truly astonishing – and astonishingly true – story of the worlds of haute cuisine and high finance colliding in Gordon Ramsay’s Karma Café. This hilarious, confessional, storytelling hour tells of how the worst moments of our lives are often great lessons in disguise. Stuart charts his journey from smooth-talking banking elitist to that fateful day his hyper-consumerist path crossed with the culinary – and monetary – extravagance of one Gordon Ramsay.

Find out how he saved Stuart’s immortal soul.

Website: www.tickets.edfringe.com/stuart-mitchell-gordon-ramsay-karma-cafe

5 Must-See Comedy Shows at the Fringe 2018

2. Alex Cofield: Supernova

Inspired by his own ambition to one day move out of his parents’ house in the sleepy English countryside, Melbourne Fringe Outstanding Comedy Award nominee, Alex Cofield tells the story of one man’s battle with isolation and a deep yearning for something more. This rural hip-hopera makes its UK debut in Edinburgh as Cofield brings his unique brand of storytelling comedy – delivered entirely in spoken word and rap – to audiences in August.
Supernova is a lyrical lesson on life in the sticks. Think Hot Fuzz meets Hamilton; a lyrical League of Gentlemen.

Website: www.tickets.edfringe.com/alex-cofield-supernova

5 Must-See Comedy Shows at the Fringe 2018

3. Jay Lafferty: Wheesht!

Following a successful 2017 – her debut show Besom ranked number five in the top 10 best-reviewed comedy shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2017 – Jay Lafferty returns with Wheest!, her tricky second album. With a colourful history of never knowing when to shut up, Jay has managed to get herself into – and occasionally out of – more than a few tricky situations. But after a lifetime of being told to pipe down, Jay never expected the trouble that would come when she finally decided to hold her tongue.

Wheest! guarantees clever material delivered with effortless swagger.

Website: www.tickets.edfringe.com/jay-lafferty-wheesht

5 Must-See Comedy Shows at the Fringe 2018

4. Murray Hill: About to Break!

Straight from New York City, the glad-handing, international showbiz trooper, Mr Murray Hill makes his Edinburgh Fringe debut with About to Break. Renowned for his gender-bending, post-modern take on the classic comedy greats, Hill has been flexing his entertainment chops for over a decade, performing and touring with Dita Von Teese, Bridget Everett and hosting Club Swizzle in Australia. Hailed the “reigning patriarch of downtown performance” by the New York Times, Hill’s new show shines a spotlight on a guy who keeps going despite the struggles and heartbreak of years in showbiz…

One man. One story. One tuxedo. One middle-aged crisis…well, maybe three. Murray Hill is about to break and you want to be there.

Website: www.tickets.edfringe.com/murray-hill-about-to-break

5 Must-See Comedy Shows at the Fringe 2018

5.  The Travelling Sisters: Toupé

The multi-award winning trip, The Travelling Sisters return to the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe with a ton of accolades and a brand-new show. Fast becoming a household name in their native Australia, their ridiculous characters and fast-paced sketches have been featured on ABC TV and gala events across the country. Meet a tap dancing cactus desperate for love, a giant diva with a dental malfunction, and three Aussie lollipop ladies that show us life ain’t over when the kids move out…it’s only just begun!

This all-female trio find the ridiculousness in everyday life with their busting hour of offbeat sketch comedy.

Website: www.tickets.edfringe.com/travelling-sisters-toupe

5 Must-See Comedy Shows at the Fringe 2018

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