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7 Must-Know Edinburgh Festival Tips No One Tells You!

Edinburgh Festival tips

August is just around the corner and that means just one thing – festival time! However, if you aren’t from the city then these Edinburgh Festival tips could be an absolute life-saver! During the festival, Edinburgh gets busy and we mean seriously busy! Take these tips to heart and you’ll go from newbie to pro in no time!

These Edinburgh Festival tips could make your life so much easier!

Edinburgh is an amazing city but if you don’t know it or even if you haven’t been in a year – it’s good to have a survival guide and tips from a local. Take these seven Edinburgh Festival tips to heart and you’ll have an amazing time – we promise!

7. Don’t just walk off after a street performance!

Edinburgh Festival tips

Simply walking off after a street performance is bad form!

During August, it seems everywhere you turn there is a street performer. Sometimes these shows can be absolutely astounding. However, at the end of their performance they generally look for some kind of payment. Don’t feel pressured into giving them all money but even thanking them can be enough appreciation!

6. The One O’clock Gun is at One O’clock!

Edinburgh Festival Tips

The gun fires from Edinburgh Castle every day at 13.00

This might seem fairly obvious, but every August there are stories of tourists asking what time the One O’clock Gun fires. If you’re free between shows, it is a great thing to see and represents big part of Edinburgh’s seafaring history.

5. You need correct change for the bus!

Edinburgh Festival tips

Edinburgh has great public transport but you need correct change!

This is one of the Edinburgh Festival tips that will save you so much hassle. If you want a bus, you need correct change! For a single trip it is £1.60 for any distance. If you really want to save yourself bother, download the m-ticket app and you can buy them right on your phone. Another handy app is EdinBus – this will tell you when busses are due and where they all go!

4. The Grassmarket is here!

Edinburgh Festival tips

You will look for the Grassmarket and you will get lost!

For some reason, if you are new to Edinburgh the Grassmarket is almost impossible to find. This is mainly because Edinburgh is a city built on multiple levels. So even though a street is within spitting distance, you can’t seem to access it! This can be super frustrating. If you have a smartphone, have your GPS handy. If not, ask a local because it’s happened to us too!

3. You can drink until 5am, so pace yourself!

Edinburgh Festival tips

You can get carried away when you’re drinking under a purple cow!

Of all the Edinburgh Festival tips to remember – this one is paramount! August brings a party atmosphere to Edinburgh and if you’re seeing a few shows in a day, it’s all to easy to find yourself a bit squiffy! Just remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint! Drink water throughout the day and you’ll be right as rain at night!

2. Pack for all weathers – this is Scotland!

Edinburgh Festival tips

You can experience all seasons in one day!

You might think that August guarantees sunshine and gorgeous weather but if you think that – you’ve never been to Edinburgh in August! One of our more pragmatic Edinburgh Festival tips – pack for all conditions! You’ll thank us later when you don’t need to buy an “I love Scotland” kagool!

1. Learn from the locals – just don’t mention the T-word!

Edinburgh Festival tips

They might be running now but it’s still a sore spot!

The locals will have the best festival tips and the best craic, so make sure to chat to as many locals as you can! The Edinburgh Festival is a time when we open up our city to the world and we’re very proud of it! Please, just don’t mention the trams!

There are your Edinburgh Festival tips now you need a home from home!


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