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10 Words You Need to Know When You Visit Edinburgh

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The Scots language is beautiful but does have words that to the uninitiated could sound like complete gobbledegook! So, before you visit Edinburgh it would be useful to get familiar with some of the slang. That way when you arrive, you’re not going to be completely lost.

When you visit Edinburgh, you’ll need to know these words!

You might think we speak the English language in Scotland but when you visit Edinburgh – you’ll quickly learn that Scots is a whole other language! In order to help you out, we’ve put together a list of ten words you need to know before you visit Edinburgh!

10. Juice

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Juice means something completely different in Edinburgh

Right, so when you think of juice, you probably think of a drink made from fruit extract. However, in Edinburgh it means something completely different! If someone asks you to get them a juice, they actually want a fizzy drink.

9. Sauce

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Salt and sauce is the topping of choice in Edinburgh

When you visit Edinburgh and partake in one of our fine chippies, you will be asked if you want salt and sauce. This sauce is an Edinburgh speciality which is made from a mix of vinegar and brown sauce.

8. Chum

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Chum has a completely different meaning in Edinburgh

You might think a chum is a friend but you would be wrong. When you visit Edinburgh, someone might ask you to “chum” them somewhere. That’s right, in Edinburgh “chum” actually means accompany.



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Barry is not just a man’s name

You could get very confused when during your visit to Edinburgh someone tells you that something is barry! It means fantastic, for example: “That juice was barry”.

6. Reeking

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Reeking takes on a totally different meaning when you visit Edinburgh

When you’re reeking, it doesn’t have anything to do with smelling badly! In Edinburgh, you’re reeking when you’ve had one too many!

5. Messages


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Getting your messages is something completely different in Edinburgh

Whatever you thought messages were – think again! In Edinburgh, getting your messages means to get your food shopping!

4. Collie Buckie

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If someone asks you for a collie buckie, you’d be well within your right to be confused

In the rest of the world, a collie buckie is known as a piggyback! You’d probably figure this one out from the context when you’re asked but now when you visit Edinburgh, you’ll certainly be ready to give someone a collie buckie!

3. Bucket

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In most places in the world, bucket means something completely different

In Edinburgh, a bucket is not something to hold water! A bucket is actually what most people call a bin!

2. Radge

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You would be forgiven for not having a clue what radge meant!

Radge is a very evocative word – once you know what it means! Radge is anger, so and example would be: “your maw went pure radge when you didn’t come home last night”.

1.  Bowfin

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Bowfin is one of Edinburgh’s best words

Bowfin is another fantastic word from the Lothians! It basically means disgusting, smelly and horrible – although it is quite often used to describe weather!

Why not put your new vocabulary to use?

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