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Five of the best things to do in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

Accommodation in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

One of the beautiful things about Edinburgh is that every area has its own feel – its own identity. Bruntsfield and Lauriston are no different. They offer an experience that is totally different than if you were to spend your time in Marchmont or the New Town, for instance.

This is a really important thing to consider if you are planning a visit to this fantastic city, because every area can deliver something totally new – a great reason to keep coming back to Edinburgh time after time.

At Dickins, we know our city, so we’ve picked out some of the best things to do in Bruntsfield and Lauriston.

Things to do in Bohemian Bruntsfield and Luxurious Lauriston

These areas are as chic as they come. There is a really bohemian feel in Bruntsfield – one of the reasons it’s popular with students and young professionals. Meanwhile, Lauriston is home to one of the most sought-after developments in Edinburgh, the Quartermile. So if you do decide to call Bruntsfield and Lauriston your home from home, we’ve put together a short list of ideas for you to get the full experience.

1. Have brunch at Montpeliers

Accommodation in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

Stop in for the Full Monty

Positioned in the heart of Bruntsfield, Montpeliers has been a firm favourite with locals for over twenty years. Their brunch menu is seriously amazing – especially the Full Monty – the biggest of breakfasts! It boasts a lovely continental feel, especially when you can sit outside during the summer months. This should definitely be on your list!

2. Stop off at Tuk Tuk

Accommodation in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

Tuk Tuk Indian tapas is something you must experience

Tuk Tuk gives you all the flavours of Indian street food without leaving Edinburgh. This isn’t a bog-standard vindaloo from your local takeaway, mind you. Tuk Tuk provides the freshest of flavours –  tapas style. The idea here is to get three of four small dishes per person and share, share, share! One thing to note about Tuk Tuk is that it is BYOB, so if you would like a beer or wine with your food, make sure to stop off and pick some up before you go. We promise that you will have one of the best Indian meals you have ever had, transporting you to Mumbai when you are right in the heart of Bruntsfield.

3. Take up roost at the Hanging Bat

Accommodation in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

Craft beer at its best

If you like craft beer, this is your dream. The craft beer revolution has taken serious hold of Edinburgh and the Hanging Bat in Lauriston is one of the revolutionaries. With over 150 beers to choose from, you will be flabbergasted at how much beer can fit under one roof! They also have amazing BBQ-style cuisine and fun staff with plenty of banter. If you want a nice beer while you’re staying in Bruntsfield and Lauriston, stop past here.

4. Picnic in the Meadows

Accommodation in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

Make your perfect picnic with local produce

There are so many lovely producers in Edinburgh – many of them are around Bruntsfield and Lauriston. For that reason, if the weather is on your side, have a picnic in the Meadows. The Meadows is the largest public park in Edinburgh and on a nice day, it is a real hotspot for locals. With producers like Lovecrumbs, Peters Yard and German bakery Falko – you can make a picnic basket fit for a king. Best of all, you can have a family picnic or a romantic picnic just as easily!

5. Have a short round at Bruntsfield Links

Accommodation in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

Have a short game on this historic course

When in Rome do as the Romans, when in Scotland – play a bit of golf. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Rory McIlroy to have a round at Bruntsfield Links, it’s just short-course golf, also known as pitch and putt. Believed to be one of the oldest sites of gold (pre-dates 17th century), the course was founded in 1895.

Situated south of Melville Drive, there are two courses available. Best of all – its free! If you don’t usually come on holiday equipped for golfing then don’t worry. The Golf Tavern, a pub on the edge of Bruntsfield Links, hires You can hire clubs and balls for £3.50 which is very reasonable, plus they do a game and a pint for £6.

Perfect places to stay in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

If you want to try out our list of things to do in Bruntsfield and Lauriston for yourself, then we can recommend some lovely places to make your home from home while you’re here.

18 (2F3) Bruntsfield Place

This is a homely two bedroom apartment situated in Bruntsfield, right beside the Links. If you’re a couple or a small family this is the apartment for you.

Accommodation in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

18 (2F3) Bruntsfield Place

5b Lauriston Gardens

A great deal of thought has gone into the design and finish of this chic two bedroom apartment. Lauriston is so central all year round but is especially good during the Edinburgh Festival when everything is right on your doorstep.

Accommodation in Bruntsfield and Lauriston

5b Lauriston Gardens

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