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5 Edinburgh Homes with a High Hygge Factor

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If you haven’t added “hygge” to your vocabulary yet, now is the time to do it! Hygge is a very commonly used Danish and Norwegian term that is hitting it big this autumn – nine books published on the subject this year already will back up this claim.

What exactly is “hygge”?

The simplest way of translating hygge is by using the word “cosiness”, but it’s a lot more than that. The art of hygge is about creating a warm, inviting environment and enjoying the good things in life with people you care about. It’s about de-stressing and appreciating time with friends and family in cosy surroundings. Candles (a must!), steaming hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets, creamy porridge, woolly jumpers, cosy pubs and a roaring fire are all hygge essentials – all things that fit seamlessly into the Scottish autumn and winter!

High season for hygge is autumn and winter, culminating in Christmas – a very special, almost sacred time of the year for the Danes. But hygge isn’t restricted to the darker seasons of the year: a quiet evening walk in the sunset, a picnic in a park or a tour on your friend’s sailing boat can all be hygge too.


How on earth do you pronounce it??

This one isn’t easy, but if you try to say ‘hue-ugh’, ‘hoo-guh’ or ‘hooga’ you should get close enough…If you’re still struggling to pronounce it, take a look at this video!

Dickins and hygge

If you’re wondering why we’re so excited about hygge it’s because we can offer you hygge here in Edinburgh. How, you wonder? Well, by letting out homes that are all about Scottish hygge; homes where you can practise hygge and just be a wee bit more Danish. Without further introductions, keep reading to see some of our cosiest Edinburgh homes away from home!

The Photographer’s Studio


This must be one of the most unusual and romantic places to stay in all of Edinburgh – and not only romantic but also full of hygge. The location, first of all, is excellent: although being very centrally located on Calton Hill this beautiful little house with an ogee roof is still a very quiet place surrounded by greenery. The wood burning stove will assure there will be many lovely hygge moments to enjoy. Oh and did we mention that the room is octagonal in shape? Surely that falls under hygge too!

20 West Scotland Street Lane

westscotlandlane west scotland lane

This cute little home that sleeps two people is as inviting as it gets with white washed stone walls, oriental rugs and an original range cooker adorning the fireplace. There are beautiful cream duck egg accents throughout the apartment – a colour we feel is very hygge. What’s also special about this home is that although you’re right in the middle of Central New Town there is a lovely private walled garden to enjoy, perhaps best from the inside with a hot cup of tea in your hands though!

88 St Stephen Street

ststephenstreet ststephenstreethygge

We think this lovely home that sleeps three people represents Scottish hygge very well. There is the obligatory fireplace, an abundance of books, antique furniture, lots of cosy fabrics and lovely, autumnal colours throughout the home. St Stephen’s street is in Stockbridge, which is without a doubt one of Edinburgh’s most hygge areas – just take a walk down Water of Leith to Dean Village and you’ll know what we mean! The Last Word Cocktail Saloon on 44 St Stephen Street is the best place for a wee hygge tipple in a perfect hygge setting!

13/3 Simpson Loan


If the previous home was Scottish hygge then this one is definitely Scandi hygge. This two bedroom, two bathroom luxurious and extremely comfortable Quartermile home is tastefully decorated in white, grey and beige and has a very high hygge factor. On the upper floor you’ll find a mezzanine study as well as the lush master bedroom. A good way of implementing a bit of hygge to your own home is to add different textures and throw in a few sheepskins – just as the owners of this lovely home have done.

22 India Street

indiastreet indiaplacekitchen

This absolutely stunning home sleeps eight people and is a haven of different colours, patterns and textures – it’s a place where your eyes won’t get bored that’s for sure! The comfy sofas and armchairs and gorgeous lighting invites you to sit down and relax with friends and family after a lovely hygge meal in the airy yet cosy kitchen. This home has hygge written all over it!

Will you be hygge:ing this autumn?

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