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Edinburgh’s Best Hairdresser – Bruce Masefield

Welcome to our new Edinburgh’s Best series. We’re excited to be celebrating Edinburgh folk who are brilliant at what they do. Our first blog celebrates Bruce Masefield, Edinburgh’s best hairdresser.

Edinburgh’s Best Hairdresser – Bruce Masefield

Bruce joined Vidal Sassoon in the late 80s and quickly developed a natural flair for cutting and styling techniques. Going on to become the Sassoon UK Creative Director, Bruce’s passion, dedication and commitment to his craft has kept him at the forefront of the hairdressing industry for three decades. From looking after his clientele in the salon on Randolph Place or on a magazine shoot, Bruce is constantly pushing the boundaries and intuitively knows what looks will give you that chic, sexy and fresh edge to your hair.

I was led to Bruce when I asked in a large Edinburgh forum, who could really cut hair in the city and he received the most votes by a mile. I’ve never looked back and was in safe hands when Bruce cut my long hair off recently!

Edinburgh's Best hairdresser - Bruce Masefield

Edinburgh’s Best hairdresser – Bruce Masefield

1. We think you’re the best hairdresser in Edinburgh. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love creating looks that are unique to each individual. I would much prefer for someone to comment on how wonderful you look because your hair style fits you effortlessly. The Salon has a professional yet relaxed environment – we pride ourselves on putting our clients centre stage. I love people and I’m lucky to get to hang out with a lot of them.

Edinburgh's Best hairdresser - Bruce Masefield

Edinburgh’s Best hairdresser – Bruce Masefield

2. Have you got a great hair related tip for us?

Get a highly trained hairdresser that is focused on you. Someone that lives and breathes their craft. I like to use visual references to show the ideas I have for my clients. If you have an idea of a new look that you would like, then take along an image. This visual communication works every time.

The best tip that Bruce has given me is to stop using a hairdryer as it was drying out my curly hair. My hair is much happier.

3. What do you think makes Edinburgh unique?

A castle, a volcano, cobbled streets, the beautiful architecture and grand schools that you would think only Harry Potter would go to, are all stunning with its back drop being the sea.  WOW, this city is stunning! Anyone that loves the outdoors loves our city. Riding, running, walking, cycling or even paddle boarding down the canal is possible here, not to mention the brave people taking a dip down at the sea.

4. What time of day do you enjoy most?

Sunrise or sunset standing on Queen Street looking across to Fife is something I never get bored of.

5. Where do you enjoy meeting friends in the city?

Coffee, coffee, coffee is my passion and meeting friends at Fauna on Queensferry Street or Little Fitzroy on Easter Road are my faves.

6. Where do you like to escape to?

I always escape to Mallorca, I am obsessed with cycling and this island loves to welcome two wheeled friends.

7. Where’s the first place you’d take a newcomer to the city to show it off?

I would walk them to the top of Arthur’s Seat or Calton Hill and let them see the wonder of this city.

8. What does home mean to you?

Home is community, its friendship, its being there for the local community around our salon, spending time with my family and mates or at my church.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about Edinburgh.s Best hairdresser, Bruce Masefield. If you’d like to visit his salon, here are the details.

Bruce Masefield Hair

12 Randolph Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7TA

0131 225 5511


If you’d like to share someone you think is a leader in their field in Edinburgh for a future, Dickins blog please comment below. Thank you!

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