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Dickins Six Dynamic Solutions for Edinburgh Short Term Letting

As a company, Dickins has spent 24 years engaging positively in the world of short term letting in Edinburgh. We have always been respectful, helpful and caused no issues for neighbours. We have let homes which would otherwise remain empty. We have provided a professional and trustworthy service for a…

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Edinburgh Council Planning Control Zone – Dickins Response

On 23rd February 2022, Edinburgh Council voted through their Planning Control Zone. This means that people wanting to rent their homes as short term lets in the city will need to have change of use planning permission from residential to commercial. The Council have made it clear that they will…

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6 Edinburgh Restaurants Worth Travelling To
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Edinburgh has cultivated a strong foodie scene, blending traditional foods with trendy food movements creating a hub of deliciousness. If a restaurant is worth travelling to, it will be serving up some of the best food in town, but a few Edinburgh restaurants have put their heart into developing memorable…

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Short Term Lets – Vital For Sustainable Tourism in Scotland

Next Wednesday, 3rd February 2021, The Local Government and Communities Committee meets to decide the fate of what they describe as Short Term Lets in Scotland. I say decide the fate, because the suggested legislation, will probably beat the last breath out of my industry, already on its knees due…

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Short Term Lets Consultation Scottish Government – An Expert’s View

I need your help. Life is fairly tough for travel, hospitality and tourism sectors around the world right now due to Covid-19. It’s hit Scotland hard too, especially in our cities like Edinburgh. So, the Short Term Lets Consultation by the Scottish Government getting rushed through in four weeks rather…

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