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6 of the Best Edinburgh Artisan Bakeries!

Edinburgh artisan bakeries

One of the great things about a city as vibrant as Edinburgh is that around every corner, within each neighborhood, there’s a great bakery just waiting to be discovered. Despite a plethora of supermarkets, Edinburgh’s artisan bakeries are giving the chains a run for their money. The bakers and pastry chefs behind these shops are true talents and take a real pride in what they do. Here are 6 of the best Edinburgh Artisan Bakeries!

“All sorrows are less with bread” – Miguel de Cervantes

1. La Barantine

  • Where: 202 Bruntsfield Place, 10 Bruntsfield Place, 89 West Bow & 27B Raeburn Place

With four locations dotted around Edinburgh, there’s no excuse not to pay a visit to La Barantine. The owners of the boulangerie-pâtisserie decided to leave France in 2010 in order to pursue their Scottish dream. Upon arrival in Edinburgh, Vincent and Céline soon opened up La Barantine in the Bruntsfield area. Their delightful business has gone from strength to strength. So, if you’re in the mood for a typical French experience, head along to La Barantine.

artisan bakeries in Edinburgh

2. The Wee Boulangerie

  • Where: 67 Clerk Street

You’ll find the charming Wee Boulangerie tucked away on Clerk Street. Established in 2012, they are passionate about creating scrumptious artisan baked goods. Their two passionate, skilled bakers spend the day at the back of the shop baking up treats! They make bread slowly, gently and with traditional methods from France, Scotland, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy and beyond.

artisan bakeries in Edinburgh

Photo Credit: The Wee Boulangerie

3. The Bearded Baker

  • Where: 46 Rodney Street
  • With the Royal Botanic Gardens nearby, Canonmills is a lovely part of Edinburgh to stay in, and we think you’ll enjoy your stay at 1(MD) Eildon Street!

The Bearded Baker is a cosy bakery and coffee shop located in Canonmills – who are famous for their delicious bagels! As well as bagels, they also offer a variety of cakes, doughnuts, sourdough loaves and coffee! They are strong believers in localism and make sure that where possible they use as many small producers as they can find. We’d highly recommend popping in for a bite to eat, then head off for a walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens.

artisan bakeries in Edinburgh

Photo Credit: The Bearded Baker

4. Soderberg

  • Where: Soderberg has 6 locations dotted around Edinburgh, click here to see them all.
  • If you’re looking for an Edinburgh short term let, we think you’ll love staying in 35/7 Simpson Loan and the best bit is, there are two Soderbergs in the vicinity!

Founded in 2007, Söderberg is a well-loved Edinburgh-based Swedish café chain with a total of three cafes and three bakery shops. They specialise in authentic Swedish, high quality food including open sandwiches, bread, pastries and cakes in Scandinavian-inspired spaces. They are heavily inspired by what you’d typically find in a Swedish kitchen, and their skilled bakers use only the best ingredients – from Valrhona chocolate in our Kladdkaka (chocolate cake) to organic Shipton Mill flour in our sourdough loaves.

artisan bakeries in Edinburgh

Photo Credit: Soderberg

5. Bakery Andante

  • Where: 352 Morningside Road
  • The Bruntsfield and Morningside area is known for its wonderful selection of places to eat and independent shops, so if you’d like to live like a local in Edinburgh, we think you’ll love 14 GF2 Panmure Place.

Located in the lovely village-like suburb of Edinburgh, Bakery Andante is extremely passionate about ‘Real Bread’. They believe that too much of our bread, these days, is made using fast processing methods, allowing bread to be produced in 4 hours. Instead of opting to use chemicals and additives to recreate the flavours lost and speed up the process, they use locally sourced ingredients and allow time to create the depth of flavours.

artisan bakeries in Edinburgh

Photo Credit: Bakery Andante

6. Archipelago

  • Where: 39 Dundas St

Lastly, Archipelago is another bakery who are passionate about producing ‘Real Bread’. Their bread is made by hand every day, using organic flour and traditional methods. They have a wide range of yeasted loaves and sourdoughs and always adding more to the selection! Additionally, if you’re gluten intolerant, Archipelago offer an Organic Gluten Free Bread which must be ordered ahead of time!

artisan bakeries in Edinburgh

Photo Credit: Archipelago

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