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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Edinburgh in July

Let’s forget about August and the Festival for a moment and instead look at why the wonderful summer month of July is such a great time to travel to the capital of Scotland.

1. Fabulous festivals

August hasn’t hogged all festivals as we’ve got so many interesting celebrations in July as well. To name a few, there’s Edinburgh International Magic Festival (30th June-8th July), The Scottish Real Ale Festival (6th-8th July), Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival (14th-23rd July) and Edinburgh Food Festival (26th-30th July). This line-up will cater for a range of different tastes as you can see!

2. Less crowds

Edinburgh’s population more than doubles during the Festival, so you can imagine that there are a few more souls on the streets in August than usual…And if you’re not in the mood for that festival atmosphere it’ll just be a bit tiresome. In July, however, you’ll find it a lot easier to get around, there’s a lot less queuing involved, finding a table when you’re hungry is easier and you are much more likely to hail a taxi in less than an hour.

3. Less flyering

If you’ve ever visited the Festival you’ll know that people handing out flyers are lurking behind every corner, trying to convince you that their show is the one to see. And after the 20th flyer it all just gets a bit tiring and you start avoiding eye contact with every single person that crosses your path…However, in July there are far less flyers to be avoided, which in itself is a good reason to visit.

4. Get your art fix

Many of Edinburgh’s big art exhibitions open already in June, so if you want to enjoy some world-class art in relative peace visit in July! Here are some of the fantastic exhibitions that you shouldn’t miss:


5. Spend less

If you want to save money and stay in a fabulous self catering flat in the centre of Edinburgh you’ll better book in July instead of August when prices go up considerably. For example; one bedroom apartments which cost £610/week in August cost just £440 in July. Two bedroom apartments costing £950 in August, cost just £595 in July and three bedroom apartments costing £1,200 in August cost just £775 in July. The prices are indicative, but you get the point!

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Make this your home from home in July:

Dublin Street Lane South



Dublin Street Lane South is a quiet cobbled lane which lies parallel to York Place, so the location is terrific and you have all the benefits of being so central with none of the noise. St Andrew Square is less than five minutes away as is brilliant Broughton Street with it’s enviable range of cafes, restaurants, bars, independent food shops and boutiques.

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