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Our Homes from Home – Great King Street, New Town

If Great King Street were a suit, it would be elegantly tailored from Savile Row. It’s wider than any other street in this part of the Georgian New Town, giving space to appreciate the architecture – and there’s lots to appreciate. There are beautifully symmetrical pediment buildings in the centre and on each corner. At each end of the street, there’s a beautiful private garden and if you walk slowly along taking notice as you go, you’ll see the glimmer and shine of many sparkling brasses around smart looking front doors.

Around the corner is Dundas Street with most of the city’s best private art galleries (and Dickins of course!). Delicious loaves of bread from Archipelago will tempt you and you’ll find antique shops of the delightfully rummaging kind, where you’ll be able to discover everything from Victorian mirrors to Georgian door handles, among other treasures.

Our home on Great King Street feels elegant inside, too. Once owned by a boat builder, the incredible floors are made of teak. The current owners, who regularly stay here, love mid-century design and collecting interesting things. Book lovers will delight at the wonderful study tucked away between the sitting room and master bedroom and once you’ve chosen a book to read, there are plenty of beautiful chairs to curl up in.


The second bedroom is charming and there are two bathrooms. The kitchen is equipped for cooking and you’ll find books for cooks too. If cooking isn’t your thing, George Street is only five minutes walk away and brilliant Broughton Street is just around the corner, with plenty of the city’s best restaurants to choose from.

Interesting art and mid-century design look great in the elegant Georgian rooms.


There’s fun and colour here too with those zebra-striped chairs and industrial themed art.


The hidden study sits between the sitting room and master bedroom and provides a lovely flow through the space as well as a place to hide away. For writers, it’s an inspirational spot.


Wonderful to find a collection of Charles Dickens in this Dickins home from home!


Once you’ve decided on a book, you’ll have a choice of beautiful mid-century chairs to curl up in.


The effortlessly elegant Georgian backdrop of twin sash and case windows, marble fireplace, dado panelling and cornice work provide the perfect stage to this modern-styled interior.


You’ll get a great night’s sleep in this peaceful bedroom.


This is a cooks kitchen, so you can make the most of the excellent local independent food shops on Broughton Street – Crombies the butcher, Something Fishy and Real Foods.


Cobbles, elegant buildings and beautiful Georgian vistas make Great King Street unique.


The shimmer of polished brass by smart front doors, like the brass buttons on a well-cut tailored suit.


Look out for the triple doors on the corners of Great King Street, they’re much loved by Instagrammers! Those Georgians certainly knew how to make buildings that are beautiful and if you have a thing for symmetry, you’ll love this street.

The Fine Art Society on Dundas Street is the New Town’s most beautiful shop front and inside you’ll find Scottish art for sale from 1700 to the present day. Emily Walsh, who runs the gallery, has one of the best views of the New Town from her desk by the window on the first floor. Lucky Emily!


Art lovers must also visit The Scottish Gallery at 16 Dundas Street, which celebrated its 175 anniversary in 2017. Christina Jansen and Guy Peploe and their knowledgeable team sell contemporary paintings and objects, much of it Scottish, in beautiful surroundings.


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