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The 6 Best Ice Cream Shops in Edinburgh!

Scottish summer is famous for being unpredictable and often short-lived so when the sun does show its face the whole country heads outdoors to celebrate! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than indulging in a delicious ice cream or a refreshing sorbet in the sunshine? We’ve selected a couple of our favourites so you’ll know exactly where to head the next sunny day we get – which hopefully won’t be too long! Also, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you vegans out there, we’ve included a few delicious vegan options too.

1. Mary’s Milk Bar

  • Where: 19 Grassmarket
  • Old Town is wonderfully charming and a great place to stay when visiting is 12 St Mary’s Street 

One of Edinburgh’s most famous ice cream parlours, Mary’s Milk Bar has captured the hearts of both locals and visitors ever since they opened in 2013. Don’t be surprised if you turn up on a sunny day to find a queue around the block! But take our word for it, their ice cream is worth the wait! Mary makes the ice cream every morning until 11am so there are fresh, ever-changing flavours to sample. Mary’s Milk bar also does an incredible hot chocolate, check out our blog post “Edinburgh’s 7 Best Hot Chocolates” to find out more!

Website: www.marysmilkbar.com

Old Town, Edinburgh

2. S. Luca Ice Cream

  • Where: 16 Morningside Road
  • Bruntsfield and Morningside are great places to stay when visiting Edinburgh: 75/(4) Leamington Terrace

S. Luca has been a family run business for over a 100 years! It all began in the 1890s, when Luca Scappaticcio set out from his home in Cassino, Italy destined for a life in Scotland. In 1908, he opened the first S. Luca ice cream parlour in the seaside town of Musselburgh and the rest is history! The fun bit is, their ice cream is still produced in the same factory as it was in Luca Scappaticcio’s day. If you fancy sampling their ice cream, they have branched out and opened a shop in charming Morningside!

Website: www.s-luca.co.uk

ice cream

3. Affogato

  • Where: 236 Queensferry Street
  • Looking to stay in Edinburgh’s West End, we have a lovely home for you at 4a Chester Street.

Situated on Edinburgh’s bustling Queensferry Street, Affogato is known for their scrumptious artisan gelato. From classic chocolate chip to Irn Bru, their exciting flavours are ever-changing so you’ll always be in for a surprise! Don’t worry vegans, Affogato haven’t’ left you out, they are also known for their delicious vegan ice cream. The West End is such a gorgeous part of the city and if you’d like to explore it like a local check out our Dickins Insider Guide to Edinburgh’s West End.

Website: www.affogatogelato.co.uk

ice cream

Photo Credit: @affogatogelato (Instagram)

4. Over Langshaw Farmhouse

  • Where: Police Box in Grassmarket
  • Visiting Edinburgh? Here’s a gorgeous home in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town: 12/3 (II) Old Tolbooth Wynd

Located in a colourful police box in the Grassmarket, Over Langshaw Farmhouse serve up delicious ice cream during the summer months! They have been producing luxury ice cream and sorbets for over 7 years using their own organic milk and cream, this gives their ice cream a uniquely creamy, smooth and rich quality.

Website: www.overlangshawfarm.co.uk

ice cream

Photo Credit: Over Langshaw Farm (website)

5. The Chocolate Tree

Here’s one for any chocoholics in Edinburgh, a visit to The Chocolate Tree is a must. The best bit is they also sell their own ice cream and sorbets, and their chocolate sorbet is vegan! To find out more about the Chocolate Tree, check out our interview with the fascinating owners behind the business.

Website: www.choctree.co.uk

ice cream

Photo Credit: Chocolate Tree (Facebook)

6. Di Rollo

  • Where: 34 Bridge Street
  • Looking to visit Edinburgh, here’s a lovely holiday for you 17a Albany Street.

Another ice cream parlour with an extensive history in Edinburgh is Di Rollo! Di Rollo of Musselburgh was established in 1899 by Domenico Di Rollo who came to Scotland from Roccasecca in Italy. He started his ice cream and confectionery business in the east coast fishing town of Musselburgh and ever since the business has grown. If Musselburgh is too for you to travel, not to worry, there are various places in Edinburgh that sell Di Rollo!

Website: www.dirollo.co.uk

ice cream

Photo Credit: Daily Record (website)

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