What The Dickins: A Tale Of Edinburgh City

Our Homes From Home – St Mary’s Street, Old Town

Guests love our home on St Mary’s Street, situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic Old Town. Because they regularly give us great feedback about staying there, it is in our Dickins Most Loved Collection. We can understand why they love it because we do too!

There’s a great vibe about this Edinburgh self-catering home – it feels grown up and civilised and you know instantly that the owners, who regularly stay here, love it too, because there’s a sense of care and affection everywhere. It’s one of the homes I dreamt of escaping to when my children were very little and very noisy because there’s a wonderful sense of calm here. As well as a peaceful atmosphere, there’s a great flow to the space as there are double doors which can be opened up between the bedroom and sitting room. How wonderful and romantic is that? This home is the best choice for a romantic stay in Edinburgh.

Lie in bed on a Sunday morning with the space all opened up, reading one of the books from the excellent library and the radio playing in the background. Bliss!

The bedroom is pretty and peaceful with touches of tartan. It’s a lovely reminder that you’re staying in the heart of Edinburgh’s ancient Old Town.

The sitting room is a wonderful bright space with twin windows and plenty of comfy seating for relaxing after a day’s exploring.

You’ll even find a chaise longue to recline on – a must have in any romantic home from home!

One of the points of self-catering in Edinburgh is that you’re able to cook at home, and this home has a brilliant and very well-equipped kitchen with a great dining table. So if you have friends or family you’d like to entertain, this is a great place to do just that. Wine lovers will appreciate the posters around the dining table too.

But if cooking isn’t your thing, being this central, there’s an impressive range of great places to eat out within a few minutes walk. The owners – who are foodies – make lovely recommendations about the best places to eat in the local area.

This is a wonderfully romantic home from home, but the outside is hard to beat too because history is literally dripping down the pavements all around you. Wandering arm in arm and exploring here is an absolute pleasure.

Edinburgh’s Old Town is amazing and very little effort will be required, as so many fascinating places are on your doorstep. So drag yourself off the chaise longue and in a few minutes, you’ll be at the official residence of HRH The Queen in Edinburgh and once home to Mary Queen of Scots, The Palace of Holyroodhouse. I’ve very recently been with my son and absolutely loved it. Learn the tales of romance, intrigue and a jealous lovers tiff that turned into murder here….

Across the road from Holyrood, you’ll find the Scottish Parliament building, which was completed in 2004. At the time it was being built, it divided the city with those that loved and hated Enric Miralles’ design in equal measure. I started off as a hater, but over the years have come to love the look of this building.

Guests with a sweet tooth are well served too (us Scots do eat more sugar on a daily basis than any other part of the UK…) You’ll find the legendary Fudge House just around the corner on Canongate. Inside you can see them making their fudge and the smell is pretty intoxicating, so give in to temptation and eat lots of fudge whilst in Scotland!

The pavements in this part of Edinburgh can get rather busy. So it is special to discover the most incredible hidden gems lying just seconds away from these busy streets which you can enjoy almost to yourselves, like this amazing garden in Dunbar’s Close. It’s one of the Most Romantic Places in Edinburgh

So, if you’re looking for Edinburgh holiday lets for two, our special home from home on St Mary’s Street is just what you’re looking for. For more information and to book this wonderful short term let, please follow this link


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