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The Best Places for Cake in Edinburgh

coro chocolate cafe edinburgh

Time to touch one of our favourite subjects in life…cake! Nothing is more disappointing than tucking into a delicious-looking cake or pastry only to discover it’s dry and flavourless – but don’t worry as if you go to one of the cafes/bakeries on this list you won’t have that problem. So next time you’re in town and longing for a satisfying sweet treat, keep the following places in mind:

1. The Sicilian Pastry Shop


This Italian family-run little bakery in Leith might not have that trendy vibe but the traditional cakes and pastries are in abundance and they’re amazing. This is a place where you’ll find fresh quality cakes at reasonable prices.

2. Herbivore kitchen


If you’re a fan of brownies (and let’s face it: who’s not?!) you will be in heaven when trying one of Herbivore Kitchen’s amazing creations. It’s one of the best we’ve ever had – and we found it extremely difficult to grasp that they were actually vegan! The Bakewell tart was also to die for, so moist and delicious with no dairy or eggs. And their (also vegan) pancakes looked out of this world. How do they do it??

3. Mimi’s Bakehouse

mimis bakehouse

This is the place for a serious sweet addict – be aware that you will find it difficult to choose which calorie bomb to go for though! If that’s the case just opt for the afternoon tea, which the Mimi’s Shore location in Leith is brilliant for. Perfect for a treat with the girls or as part of a hen do.

4. Coro Chocolate Cafe

coro chocolate cafe edinburgh

Need a chocolate fix? You’ve found heaven. There’s gooey, melted chocolate written all over this place and with desserts such as ‘death by chocolate cake’ (in the photo) and ‘peanut and salted caramel fudge cheesecake’ on the menu you will satisfy even your wildest chocolate cravings.

5. Casa Amiga


A small Portuguese bakery on Leith Walk with heavenly custard tarts and other Portugese delicacies with even more custard – all for a reasonable price and served by friendly staff. It’s close to the Sicilian Pastry Shop, so why not kill two birds with one stone?! There’s also a new Casa Amiga snack and espresso bar in the North Bridge Arcade.

6. Stockbridge Market

stockbridge market edinburgh

This is one of the best markets in town and open on Sundays from 10am to 5pm. Although the traders are not always the same from week to week, you’ll be sure to find yourself a sweet treat of your choice, whether that’d be cupcakes, crepes, brownies, marshmallows or healthy vegan raw cakes.

7. Holy Cow

vegan cake holy cow edinburgh

It might be easy to miss this place, but once you’ve discovered it you will be back – because Holy Cow are their cakes good. And again, all vegan! In fact, all their food is 100% vegan, organic and fairtrade. That red velvet cake was magical, and the peanut butter caramel chocolate cake pretty damn good too.

8. Lovecrumbs


We can’t write about cake in Edinburgh without including Lovecrumbs – because a place with its own cake cupboard definitely belongs on this list! It’s a popular, pretty-looking cafe that often serves some more unusual flavour combinations, which are always worth the risk though!

9. Cuckoo’s bakery

cuckoos bakery cupcakes

Ahoy cupcake lovers, Cuckoo’s Bakery is where you need to be! Baked from scratch every morning using local Scottish ingredients, it doesn’t get much better than this on the cupcake front. If you’re finding it hard to choose you can’t go wrong with red velvet or raspberry & white chocolate. No wonder this bakery has won several awards!

A pretty good looking list don’t you think? Let us know in the comments below if there’s a place you think should be here! 


  • Heather

    August 31, 2017 at 11:00 am

    Email doesn’t work for.coffee competition


    • Dickins

      August 31, 2017 at 11:53 am

      Hi Heather, I’m afraid the competition was on last year and has been closed for over a year.

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