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New in Town: Edinburgh’s Craft Beer Revolution Festival

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There’s a new festival in town, and we like the sound of it! The Edinburgh Craft Beer Revolution Festival takes place at Assembly Roxy between Thursday the 24th and Saturday 26th of November 2016. There will be a steady flow of British craft beers, craft gin & vodka and a range of excellent wines too. There will also be a series of talks and masterclasses, street food, pub quizzes and beer drinking relay races. If you’re into beer this is where you need to be! Make sure you enter our competition where you can WIN 2 tickets to the Opening Night Party on Thursday the 24th.

Craft Beer Masterclass

So let’s get to the point. We spoke to one of the founders, Richard, and asked him a few questions about the festival and craft beer in general. Some great tips in here so do keep reading!

1. Where did the idea to organise a craft beer festival come from?

It came after speaking to a few brewers and realising they were looking for more events. So after a few craft beers, maybe 10 pints too many, Dan and I decided to set up this festival!

2. Can you briefly explain what the festival is all about?

The festival is about celebrating the craft beer industry and showcasing its passionate brewers, introducing more people to craft beer and just having a great day out with friends. The main goal is to make sure people drink good beer and discover new flavours.

Craft Beer 1

3. Can you recommend any of the talks and masterclasses?

We are still working on the talks and masterclasses but we definitely recommend attending as many as you can. It is a great opportunity to meet the brewers and, taste their beers and learn the story behind their brand. The Arbikie Gin masterclass will also be very interesting!

4. Do Scottish beers differ from other beers? If so, how?

Scottish beers will always differ from other beers as the climate and the malt used to brew will have a huge impact on the quality and taste of the beer.

5. Over 60 British beers will be represented at the festival….

…can you name one beer that will give the drinker a surprise? The Red Rye we brewed in collaboration with Ushers.
…and another one that will be a safe bet for most taste? JARL from Fyne Ales – a good way to start your beer discovery.
…and one beer with an exotic twist? Chew Chew from Fallen – a salted caramel beer.
…and finally a beer that is your personal favourite? Double Mochaccino Stout from Pilot.


6. If you had to pick only one beer you would had to drink for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Mmm good question! Craft beer is about diversity so that’s a really hard question. I would say the double IPA from Parisis! I am French so French beer is in my blood 😉

7. Could you recommend 3 places in Edinburgh with an excellent selection of beers?

Easy one as I am there almost every day: 6 degrees north, Ushers and Holyrood 9 A.


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