What The Dickins: A Tale Of Edinburgh City

Don’t miss your chance to see one of the funniest Edinburgh Fringe shows!

Edinburgh Fringe

What if we told you about a chance to see one of the funniest Edinburgh Fringe shows? You’d probably ask what the story was – but what if we told you that you make up the story as it goes along and that no two shows were the same? You’d say we were mad. We are but we’re serious! 

What if we told you this show is only at the Edinburgh Fringe for three nights? You’d want to know the name of the show!

What’s this amazingly funny Edinburgh Fringe show then?

Well I guess it might be time to tell you – it’s Lights! Camera! Improvise! The Improvised Movie Live on Stage!

Edinburgh Fringe

Lights! Camera! Improvise! is only at the Edinburgh Fringe for three nights!

So what is all the fuss about? Is it really that funny?

In a word – yes. This show is hilarious. If the last three years is anything to go by, this company of actors create some of the most hilarious scenes imaginable. just of the top of their heads.

Here’s the general structure of the show. The director will ask the audience for some basic suggestions – the genre of the movie, the setting and a basic plot. From then on, this very talented company of actors will create a magical new movie before your very eyes, complete with awesome action sequences, hilarious DVD extras and a thrilling live film score.

What’s amazing is that you could, in theory, go to all three nights and see a completely different performance each time! They would all be equally hilarious.

Want to go? You’ll need to get tickets –  and soon!

Yeah – these tickets are going to sell like hotcakes after the show receiving rave reviews for the last few Edinburgh Fringe Festivals! So, here are the much-needed details to see this sought-after show!

Where: Pleasance Beyond

When: August 28, 29, 30

Time: 22:50

To book tickets to this hilarious show visit click here

Still not convinced? Watch this:


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