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Drinkly – Edinburgh’s 1-Hour Drink Service

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We are very excited about our latest collaboration – a collaboration that will quench the thirst of our guests. We’re talking about new Edinburgh-based company Drinkly that will deliver beers, spirits and wines to your door in one hour! (Why has no one thought of this before?!)

If you’re staying in one of our homes you can either preorder to e.g. have a nice bottle of sparkles waiting for you or order anytime during your stay by just going to www.drinkly.co.uk. We’ve asked the man behind Drinkly, John, a few questions about his new venture…

John Robertson Drinkly Office

1. In a nutshell, what does Drinkly do?

Drinkly delivers the best locally crafted beers, wines and spirits to your door in 1 hour. Or a time and day to suit you and even cold if served that way.

As a customer you visit www.drinkly.co.uk, choose the brands your looking for or be inspired by our range, choose when you’d like delivery and pay for your order.

We partner with Independent Off Licences in Edinburgh so we have an incredible range of products to choose from all from the convenience of your phone.

2. What was the inspiration behind Drinkly?

I have worked in the drinks industry for the last 17 years – I am a beer sommelier and have sold the most expensive whisky in the world. I love great drinks and have a passion for taste. I was frustrated that you can order your favourite meal to your door from your phone, a taxi to your door in 2 minutes but have to wait 24hours, 48 hours or a month to have quality drinks delivered.

Drinkly Smart Car

3. Where and when do you deliver?

We deliver to a radius of a 15 minutes’ drive from central Edinburgh and are open for business 12pm-10pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm-10pm on a Sunday.

4. What are your best sellers?

Wine and beer are our most popular products. Our customers love the fact that we deliver wine & beer cold to their doors. We’re selling a lot of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Stewart Brewing beers which is a great local brewery and quite a few customers are using us to gift Champagne & Prosecco.

John Robertson Drinkly Thistle Street

5. When not drinking at home, where in Edinburgh do you like to go out for a drink?

We are spoilt for choice in Edinburgh for watering holes. Some of my favourite craft beer bars are Salt Horse, Ushers and The Hanging Bat. For a good pub pub, I really like the Queens Arms on Hanover Street and the Bailie Bar in Stockbridge. For cocktails Panda & Sons and Bramble are exceptional and for whisky the Scotch Malt Whisky Society has just opened up their bar on Queen Street to Non Members and have an incredible selection of whiskies.

6. Have you heard of the Finnish term “kalsarikännit” – another buzzword to come from the Nordics? (kalsarikännit can be translated as “drinking at home in your underwear with no intention of going out”)

Nope, but sounds like a great concept. I have quite a few Finnish friends and can see that working well, love the fact there is a word for it. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Finland three times and have had naked sauna beers so next time I visit I’ll pack my pants.

John Robertson with Crate

7. What’s the first thing you would tell a visitor to Edinburgh to do?

On a nice day get up early and see the sunrise over Edinburgh from the top of Arthur’s seat or from the top of Calton Hill if less adventurous. Helps you get your bearings and appreciate the beauty of the city from above.

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