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Dickins spends five minutes with Paul Sinha on the Edinburgh Fringe!

Edinburgh Fringe

It’s not just festival goers that love the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – the comedians, actors and playwrights love it too. Dickins spent five minutes with Paul Sinha time to find out why he loves the Edinburgh Fringe, disasters, triumphs and what’s kept him coming back for nine years. (Spoiler alert: It’s not just good dim sum!)

Find out why Paul Sinha loves the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Edinburgh Fringe

Comedian Paul Sinha loves the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Tell us about your Edinburgh Fringe Festival show this year?

 Paul: “The show is called Postcards from the Z List, and it is the story of me juggling minor celebrity, and new found responsibility. It is storytelling with jokes. Lots and lots of jokes.”

How long have you been coming to The Edinburgh Fringe?

Paul: “Unbelievably this will be my ninth Edinburgh fringe, starting in 2001. It is my seventh full length solo show. My first in 2004 was seen by seventeen people in a month. My second in 2006 was nominated for best show. I have tasted triumph and disaster and it has been great fun.”

What does Edinburgh mean to you?

Paul: “Edinburgh means a lot to me. I still have cherished memories of August 2001, and the sheer fun that I had. Doing solo shows is more creatively challenging, and financially brutal, but you are doing it within one of the greatest architectural landscapes in the world. Every so often you have to forget your worries, breathe Edinburgh in and remember that you are very fortunate to be doing comedy for a living.”

Do you have any favourite Edinburgh haunts or hangouts?

Paul: “Not so much a haunt, but I always take the tourist bus once. Edinburgh is such a visually stunning city, that it is one of my favourite tourist buses. I don’t really have any preferrred alcoholic haunts, my evenings are usually spent in horrific “industry bars”. But I am a food man, and with that comes the big cliche that I love the Mosque Kitchen. Instant curry is such a wonderful thing. My less celebrated tip is Saigon Saigon on South St Andrew Street, which despite its incongruous name, serves massive portions of authentic and delicious Chinese dim sum every lunch time.”

So where can you see Paul at the Edinburgh Fringe?

Venue: The Stand Comedy Club (Stand 1)
Dates: Friday 7th August – Sunday 30th August
Preview: Wednesday 5th August
Day off: Monday 17th August

You can get tickets from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Stand Comedy Club or Paul’s website, http://www.paulsinha.com.

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