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Creepy Crawlies invade Edinburgh Zoo this Half Term

Wondering what to do with the Kids this Half Term?

Creepy Crawlies are invading Edinburgh Zoo, and you can be there. RZSS Edinburgh Zoo’s insect-tacular exhibition is back and this time it’s prehistoric! The Creepy Crawlies exhibition will run daily from 10am-3pm throughout the October school holidays and is free with Zoo admission.

Orchid Mantis

Orchid Mantis

Find out what was bugging the dinosaurs…

Discover the links between dinosaurs and modern day creepy critters: which creepy crawlies outlived the dinosaurs? Which evolved from prehistoric creatures? Visitors will be able to get up close to the creeping, scuttling, slithering and wriggling creatures that live at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, including crickets, beetles, stick insects, spiders, cockroaches, giant snails, giant millipedes, crabs and much more. There will also be talks, arts and crafts filling the Budongo Trail Lecture Theatre.

Gareth Bennett, Senior Presentations Keeper at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, said:

“We can’t wait to bring back the Creepy Crawlies exhibit for its fourth year. This year, for the first time, the exhibition will have a prehistoric theme and tie into our Dinosaurs Return! exhibit at the top of Corstorphine Hill. You’ll be able to discover links between some of the little critters found in your back garden and the huge creatures which used to roam the planet.

With an estimated 15-20 different species on display there’s definitely a lot to uncover, but the best bit about the event (not to mention the most popular!) is that children of all ages can handle these amazing animals. This acts as a unique platform to get everyone even more engaged and enthusiastic about the species in our collection.”

Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

Running alongside the Creepy Crawlies is Dinosaurs Return!, which will run until November 1st. This exhibition features 14 amazingly realistic dinosaurs set against the backdrop of the famous hills of Edinburgh. With an extensive range of movement, many of the animatronic models can move their neck and head, eyes, tail, feet, wings or limbs in the way experts think the beasts would actually have moved and the dinosaur’s realistic calls and sounds can be heard across the Zoo’s hilltop.

Are you Ready?

Educational and fun for both parents and kids, the zoo is a perfect way to spend a day. Don’t forget to visit www.edinburghzoo.org.uk to find out more about general zoo admission and opening times.

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