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Meet Hatti Pattisson – A Scottish Artist & Textile Designer

Scottish artist Hatti Pattisson has been pursuing a creative career for as long as she can remember and is known for her colourful and emotive land and seascapes. An evocative nod to her relationship with the sea, her original works of art and hand-finished prints have been used for a range of textiles and lampshades, and have been incorporated into the designs of boutique hotels and luxury homes.

Last year we spoke to Hatti about her textile designs and the inspiration behind her pieces. This year, she’s been focussing more on her paintings and tells us about how her work has evolved. She’s also got some great advice on how to use art to personlise your home.

Keep reading to discover more about her work and how you can win a limited edition, hand-finished print by Hatti!


1. For those who aren’t familiar with your work, could you tell us about yourself and how you got started?

I was born and grew up by the sea on the East Neuk of Fife in a little fishing village called Pittenweem. It was there from an early age that I was told tales of the sea, which helped ignite my fascination with this incredibly powerful source of inspiration. It has since been a constant theme throughout my work and collections.

There used to be an annual arts festival in the village where I grew up, and when I was 15 I set up a makeshift gallery and started selling my paintings. I decided then that I was going to be an artist and paint forevermore! It stuck.

2. What do you love about being an artist?

It’s something I can’t imagine living without. The act of painting for me is an ingrained part of who I am. Art is an avenue where I can express myself freely; I can begin a piece not knowing what the outcome may be. The process is quite magical for me. Each work is a journey in its own right of which I learn something new.

3. Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on in your career?

The project I am working on at the time always seems to be the most exciting thing!

There are so many projects I’m proud of. I’ve been lucky to work with and collaborate with so many incredibly talented individuals over the years. Some memorable projects include work with The Three Chimneys through interior designer Joelle Reid, collaborations with award-winning fashion designer Judy R. Clark in a line of coats, and Taschka shoes through Pad Lifestyle.

Another highlight was working with The Raddison Collections, designing their penthouse suite with breathtaking views over the city and incorporating my painterly surfaces and textiles. 

4. How has your work evolved and what is your current focus?

I’m currently steering towards a more abstract outcome, focusing on light, colour, and form. I have to be a little braver and trust my intuition through this process as the collection is more abstract than my previous work. It’s been challenging but incredibly liberating.  

5. What are your most popular pieces at the moment?

My big fluid abstracts have been the most popular this year. 

6. What’s your best advice when selecting a work of art to personalise your home?

Bring things you love into your home and don’t worry about rules or having things fit a certain look. Your home can and should be a reflection of you and a place that brings you joy, comfort and peace, so have fun with it!

I tend to love an eclectic mix of pattern with pops of colour, hints of gold, and simpler areas to give some breathing space and make all the details shine. I like both old and new things and a mix of textures. And of course, walls filled with art to feast your eyes upon.  Edinburgh is blessed with large walls and high ceilings, giving people the chance to really play with scale and fill spaces with big art for impact.

I also like having lots of plants! Luckily my husband tends to them as I am not to be trusted… Sadly, I have been labelled the “plant killer” in our home.

7. What would your ideal day out in Edinburgh be?

Oh, easy! Definitely brunch, a mooch around the boutique shops, a river walk with friends and doggies, and a visit to an art gallery or two. This would be followed by a cosy home-cooked meal in with my hubby. That doesn’t sound very Rock ‘n’ Roll, does it?!

8. Does 2019 have anything exciting in store for you?

More shows! I have a joint show with the wonderful figurative painter, Ingrid Nilsson, coming up. I love her use of pattern and colour. Our exhibition will be on Dundas Street in The Life Room Gallery from the 22nd – 29th August; we are Festival venue 251. Come along if you get a chance. I’ve been working hard on this new collection and can’t wait to show you all!

After that, I have a show planned with the Radisson Collection Hotel and in October the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea with sculptor Frippy Jameson. Her sculptures are eye-wateringly beautiful. I’m also working on a number of commissions, which you can get updated on through my Instagram account. 

Last but not least, can you tell us about the prize you’ll be offering our readers?

Yes! Well seeing as all the beautiful blossoms are out and scattering our payments like confetti right now, I thought it appropriate to offer ‘Blossom Haze’ as this year’s giveaway. It’s a swirling and romantic piece with swathes of dappled golden light and delicate details depicting blossoms. It always reminds me of this glorious time of year. It’s a limited edition, hand-finished print, meaning I literally paint on top of it, reviving it with texture and making it unique and special. I hope you like it!

Keep up with Hatti’s projects on her website here. If you’d like to read more about her, take a look at this blog post we wrote last year.


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