What The Dickins: Haymarket

Why Edinburgh Holiday Lets are Better Than Hotels!
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Gone are the days where the only option was to stay in a hotel when you went on holiday. Thankfully, over the years there’s been a move towards new styles of lodging and this includes the exciting possibility of holiday lets! If you’re planning to visit Edinburgh, keep scrolling to…

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Grams – Edinburgh’s First Naked Cafe

Before you get too excited – no, it’s not a nudist eatery. Grams is a new cafe in Haymarket where you’ll be able to buy clean, healthy non-processed fast food and cakes as well as artisan coffee. You might’ve already spotted the exquisite Grams cakes at Stockbridge Market in the past…

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Welcome to the Dickins Blog
Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Welcome to our new blog What The Dickins: A Tale of Edinburgh City. We are ridiculously excited about it. Why? Because there are so many amazing things to do in Edinburgh and we now have a place where we can share them with you! Essentially, it’s going to be a…

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