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Top 5 Edinburgh Chocolate Producers

It’s National Chocolate Week…a whole week dedicated to one of our favourite snacks. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as comfort food or a celebratory treat, there is nothing that compares to that first bite.To honour one of our favourite tastes, we have prepared a run down of our favourite Edinburgh Chocolate Producers.

Edinburgh Chocolate Producers

1. Coco Chocolate

Edinburgh based Coco Chocolate are one of the country’s most refined chocolatiers. The Company has two gorgeous shops and a specialist Chocolate Kitchen in Summerhall – making delicious chocolate is their passion and it certainly shows! Visit them online, at their Bruntsfield shop, chocolate school or on one of their monthly tasting evenings. Coco was established in 2004 as one of Scotland’s first chocolatiers.

Our Favourite: Their hot chocolate is like no other. Enough said.

Photo Credit: STV

Photo Credit: STV

2. The Chocolate Tree

The Chocolate Tree is Edinburgh’s only bean to bar chocolate maker, working in small batches using superior natural ingredients, ethically sourced and organic. The team create innovative, stunning, exceptional chocolate – from bars to filled chocolates and from hot chocolate to spreads, they’ve got you covered. Visit the team at their Bruntsfield Shop in Edinburgh or shop online.

Our Favourite: The Hazelnut Spread – think Nutella, but oh, so much better. Perfect on toast slathered on pancakes or for using in baking. Pass the toast.

Photo Credit: The Chocolate Tree

Photo Credit: The Chocolate Tree

3. Mary’s Milk Bar

Mary’s chocolates pride themselves on their soft centres and unusual tasty flavours. The gelato is soft and creamy – every week there’s new flavours and new ways to enjoy them. You can take a scoop away with you, enjoy a ‘gelato oyster’ in a chocolate shell or one of the weekly seasonal sundaes. In short, everything you want from an ice cream and chocolate is here. Mary also hosts little parties, workshops and tasting evenings for you to taste, learn about and enjoy gelato and truffles. Visit them online or at their Grassmarket shop.

Our Favourite: Christmas Pudding gelato with spices and fruits encased in a thick layer of dark chocolate. OMG. Bring on Christmas.

Photo Credit: Mary's Milk Bar

Photo Credit: Mary’s Milk Bar

4. Edward & Irwyn

Edward and Irwyn are Edinburgh based artisan chocolatiers, trained in France but inspired by Scotland. Their hot chocolates are available at one of our favourite city coffee shops, Brew Lab and make a cold Winter’s day just that little bit more special. In fact, once you’ve settled down, you might just never want to leave. (On the plus side, you won’t go hungry…or thisty, for that matter!) If you’d like to find out more, visit the website or fine the pair of chocolate experts extraordinare at their shop on Morningside Road.

Our Favourite: The hot chocolate really is spectacular…!

Photo Credit: Edward & Irwyn

5. Thinking Chocolate

Tucked away on London Road, Thinking Chocolate cut, dust, pipe & dip all their chocolates by hand. Discover the magic of silky ganache and unravel the secrets of what makes fine chocolate so smooth with one of their classes. Visit them in their shop to sample some of their chocolatey truffles,  a slice of chocolate torte or even to order a wedding cake!

Our Favourite: The Chocolate Torte. End of discussion.

Photo Credit: Thinking Chocolate

Photo Credit: Thinking Chocolate

Ready to start eating?

Hopefully, this little taster of the fantastic chocolatiers will inspire you to see, do and taste more during your trip to Edinburgh. Dickins has wonderful apartments in all the places you want to be – and close to chocolate shops all over the city!

Find your Home from Home here.

Where is your favourite place for a chocolate treat in Edinburgh? We would love you to share your photos with us on social media. Don’t forget to like, tag or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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