What The Dickins: A Tale Of Edinburgh City

Our Top 10 Instagram Photos in June

Ramsay Garden Edinburgh

Bye June and hello July! Judging by our top ten Instagram snaps it sure does look like we had a lot of blue skies in June – and with more to come in July surely…Again, familiar Edinburgh street views tend to be our top photos month after month, which is no wonder as there is plenty of prettiness on the streets of our beautiful city. So scroll down and see what people are clicking ‘like’ on!

1. Ramsay Garden


The colourful Ramsay Gardens in Edinburgh’s Old Town from a slightly different angle was our most liked photo in June – and we got lucky as there were no people in sight!

2. Princes Street Gardens


Princes Street Gardens is so lush in summer and one of the hotspots to hang out in on a sunny day. Go there yourself and you’ll pick up on the lovely summer vibes!

3. Circus Lane


Seems like we can’t go a month without having a snap of gorgeous wee Circus Lane in our top ten! That’s a hot tip for you right there if you want more likes on your insta photo: go to Circus Lane.

4. West Scotland Street Lane


The nooks and crannies of the New Town are many and interesting with lots of stories to tell. One of our gorgeous homes are on this lane, check out 20 West Scotland Street Lane here.

5. North West Circus Place


Where the New Town meets Stockbridge. Such a lovely stretch with small cafes and boutiques. Spot the Dachshund puppy!

6. The National Galleries


We’re so lucky to have so many world class art galleries here in Edinburgh – so we really appreciate taking a couple of hours here and there to go to one of these and soak in a bit of culture.

7. New Town Crescent


Everybody loves a fabulous New Town Crescent – especially with the contrast of blue skies. Pretty chuffed that Visit Scotland (with 343K followers!) also thought this was a good shot and shared it on their account @visitscotland!

8. Lauriston Castle


Lauriston Castle is a great place to stroll around – and having been on a tour of the castle a while ago we can highly recommend that too! The courtyard cafe is just too cute.

9. London Town


Louise spent a few days in London in June and you’ll never guess who she passed on Harley Street in the sweltering London heat? It was no other than Sir David Attenborough himself!

10. Royal Highland Show


A highlight of the year for many is the Royal Highland Show that takes place at the Royal Highland Centre in June. There you’ll be able to spot such cuties as these adorable Shetland ponies!

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