What The Dickins: A Tale Of Edinburgh City

Our Top 10 Instagram Photos in January

scott monument edinburgh

It feels like we’ve had unusually many sunny days in Edinburgh this January – something that will shine through from our top ten Instagram photos this month as well! Something else we’ve gathered from this month is that you can’t go wrong with a pretty shot of Edinburgh’s beautiful architecture. Instagram loves it! Also, we’d like to point out that all our photos are taken by Louise or Nina, unless we’ve clearly stated otherwise. So without further introductions, here are the snaps that made our top ten in January.

1. Scott Monument

scott monument mist

The clear winner this month was this ethereal shot of the Scott Monument on a cold and misty January morning. These sunny and chilly winter mornings are just so beautiful don’t you think?

2. West Bow


Our runner up was a photo of these pretty West Bow houses surrounded by delicate winter light. Right below is the colourful Victoria Street that so many people like to take photos of – but if you climb up to this terrace above you’ll get another perspective!

3. Calton Hill


More glorious winter sunshine was captured in this photo up on Calton Hill on a January afternoon. The view really is at its best on these clear, sunny days!

4. Belgrave Crescent


And guess what? We have yet another photo featuring a cold, sunny day in the top ten! Edinburgh has many fantastic crescents with that stunning curve, and Belgrave Crescent is definitely one of them.

5. Golden Hare Books


Golden Hare Books on St Stephen Street in Stockbridge is another little gem of a book shop here in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the first designated UNESCO city of literature in the world after all!

6. Waverley Train Station


Another golden winter morning in our beautiful city made our top ten. Louise snapped this photo on her walk to work – train stations are fascinating places don’t you think?

7. Moray Place


Honestly, we have had a few grey days in January too! Moray Place with its stunning architecture looks amazing no matter what the weather is though. Just imagine living in one of these flats!

8. Scotland Street


This is a corner from our lovely property on 1 Scotland Street – a place to linger with an Alexander McCall-Smith book perhaps? Although the stunning views of Drummond Place Gardens would definitely be a little bit distracting.

9. Dugald Stewart Monument


See that orange house? The only house that adds a little bit of colour to this classic Calton Hill shot? That’s Rock House, the most fabulous historic house which Dickins lets. Book your stay now!

10. Edinburgh Doors


Aahh these wonderful Edinburgh doorways make such great photos. This absolutely beautiful example can be found on Queen Street.

We’d love it if you’d let us know which photo is your favourite. If you’d like to see more you can find us on dickins_edinburgh

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