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Alluring MagicFest Shows You Need to See in 2017

One of Edinburgh’s most enticing festivals is back – and it’s looking better than ever! We’re talking about MagicFest of course. The festival is on from 30th of June to 8th of July in several different venues around the city. Last year we attended the MagicFair at Summerhall where you go from show to show during a morning, afternoon or evening, and it was brilliant. We’ve asked the founder of the festival, Kevin Quantum (also known as Kevin McMahon) a few questions about this year’s MagicFest – so keep reading for some hot tips!

Kevin Quantum – founder of MagicFest.

Kevin Quantum – founder of MagicFest.

1. To our readers who’ve never been; what is the Magic Festival all about?

MagicFest lets you see the best magicians in the world in amazing Edinburgh venues.

2. Any new shows/events that have been added this year?

We’re very excited about ‘From The Dark’. It’s Derren Brown meets ‘dining in the dark’ – an amazing magic show that happens in darkness! It’s a British premiere of a show that was developed in South America and has been receiving rave reviews around the world. Can’t wait to experience this myself!

3. We want to be completely stunned – what show(s) would you recommend?

The Gala Show at the Festival theatre is our biggest event. This year it’s themed around levitation and magical flight. We have some astonishing acts from around the world that, put simply, make stuff float. These acts have fooled Penn and Teller, appeared on Cirque du Soleil, really world class magic.


The Gala Show at the Festival Theatre is stunning.

4. What is the best trick you’ve ever witnessed at MagicFest?

Paul Wilson’s close up sleight of hand magic is remarkable, even for magicians it’s really amazing to watch. You can see him with a VIP ticket to MagicFair lates or Afternoons.

5. What are the highlights of the festival this year?

  • Marko Karvo at the Gala show. He works with birds and the finale to his act will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
  • The Secret Room at Riddle’s Court. Our magical tours of hidden historical buildings expands to the newly renovated Riddles’ Court, an Edinburgh city gem hidden off the royal mile. We’re the first public show booked in after the renovation so we expect to sell out quite soon!
  • Brilliant Beasties at MagicFair. After watching the most recent Harry Potter movie you may want to see the magic of nature. We’re delighted to have former Butterfly World beastie expert D.R. Vincent P’Tang in the courtyard at MagicFair introducing you to some of natures most amazing beasties. Sometimes the facts about real animals are more amazing than fiction.
Marko Karvo_photo by www.s-t-y-l-e-s.de

Marko Karvo works with birds (!)

Riddles Court-8049

The MagicFest magical tours of hidden historical buildings expands to the newly renovated Riddles’ Court this year.

There’s a lot of magic in nature, which you will see at Brilliant Beasties at the MagicFair.

6. What would you recommend for children?

MagicFair family mornings is definitely your best bet. Free for under 5s, magic classes for kids, up to 5 different live shows, magic shop, ribbon maze, street food vendors, cafe, wand crafting, ‘brilliant beasties’ animal handling… There’s sooo much to do, you won’t know where to start!


Your children will love Magic School!

See what’s behind the magic gate…

rock house

When you walk up the steps to Calton Hill from Waterloo Place you’ll come across a mysterious iron gate halfway on your left hand side. This gate leads up to our most magical self catering home: Rock House. Rock House has a long history in early photography and is such a special place to stay in. There are stunning views from every window, a private garden and it feels incredible private although you’re only minutes away from Princes Street. See what Rock House looks like on the inside!

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