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3 Great Shows for Children Under 3 @ Fringe 2016

The Fringe isn’t just about comedy shows for adults – there are the most varied performances for children of all ages as well. And when we say all ages we also mean toddlers and small babies. It might, however, be difficult to find the shows that your wee one(s) will enjoy, so here are three great acts that we’ve tried and tested and would like to recommend for families with children under 3 years.


Image by imaginate.org.uk

Image by imaginate.org.uk

This is a relaxed, non verbal show where the little ones can enjoy classical music played by a quirky quartet whilst following the doings of a mischievous raccoon…HUP is a constant flow of intriguing activity in an intimate space turned into an enchanted (and safe) forest that the tiny tots can explore if they get itchy feet. Perfect for small babies as well. It’s a win-win for adults too as you get to enjoy wonderful classical violin and cello music!

Where: Pleasance Kids @ EICC (venue 150). Lennox 1, EH3 8EE

When: 16-28 August (not on 17,18 & 24) at 10am, 11.30am & 14pm on selected dates

How much: £8 for every person, including babies and adults

Suitability: 0-2 years (also suitable for children with disabilities)

Duration: 45 min

Head in the Clouds


This show takes place in the beautiful Royal Botanic Garden, so we highly recommend you kill two birds with one stone and explore the garden before or after the show as well. Head in the Clouds is a piece by the Ipdip Theatre Group where Cirrus the wee dog has a serious job; to look after the sheep that keep drifting into the clouds…The performers include the children in the act by handing out toys and other treats that will entice the little ones. This is a show where you can bring small babies too.

Where: John Hope Gateway, Botanic Garden. Arboretum Place, EH3 5NZ

When: 16-28 August (not on Wednesdays) at 11am, 13.30pm & 15pm

How much: £5 for kids and adults (babies under 3 months go free)

Suitability: 0-5 years

Duration: 30 min

Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall


A wee boogie before midday is a great way to start the day for both kids and adults – and to get rid of some of that extra energy before the afternoon nap (you might need one as well)! Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco is a vintage disco with tunes and moves that are guaranteed to get  your little ones moving. There are cushions and blankets on the floor for the babies as well, not to mention the fascinating lights on the floor that are fun to try and catch!

Where: Spiegeltent at George Square Gardens, EH8 9LH

When: 19-21, 26-28 August at 10.45am

How much: £7 for children and adults

Suitability: 0-5 years (babies under 6 months go free)

Duration: 50 min

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