What The Dickins: A Tale Of Edinburgh City

Forget Paris, ten reasons a romantic break in Edinburgh is much better!

Romantic break in Edinburgh

Paris may be known as the City of Love and the City of Lights, but in our opinion, Edinburgh can beat it for a romantic break any day of the year.

What makes a holiday romantic? Relaxation, delicious food, stunning surroundings and wonderful bars perfect for a glass of wine with your significant other – Edinburgh has them all in abundance! Edinburgh set the backdrop for the Scottish romanticism movement during the middle ages, and has held on to much of it’s historic charm.

Take a romantic break in Edinburgh, save Paris for Disney!

Edinburgh is beautiful any time of the year and we can guarantee that romance is a given. Paris has nothing on a romantic break in Edinburgh – we promise.

9. Want fireworks? We’ve got them in both August and December!

romantic break in Edinburgh

Every night in August, you can watch a stunning display of fireworks

During the famous Edinburgh Festival at the end of the Edinburgh Tattoo, the city hosts some of the most spectacular fireworks in Europe. New Year’s Eve sees one of the world’s best displays and is sure to fill you with warm and fuzzy feelings of romance.

8. There is a (real) castle in the middle of the city!

romantic break in Edinburgh

This is much more Disney than Paris

A romantic break in Edinburgh comes with a castle thrown in for free! Edinburgh Castle is romantic in all seasons, all weathers, day or night. It just sits in the skyline like a giant cupid, shooting love-laced arrows at you and your beau!

7. Eiffel tower? We have the Scott Monument – and there aren’t as many stairs!

Romantic break in Edinburgh

The Scott Monument is much more impressive than the Eiffel Tower

Completed in 1844, this the Scott Monument the largest monument dedicated to an author in the world. It was commissioned following Sir Walter Scott’s death and you it only takes 287 steps to reach the top. Once you have reached the pinnacle, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of Edinburgh – the perfect spot for a photo and a kiss! Climb as the sun sets for extra romance…

6. Love Locking on the Forth Bridge

romantic break in Edinburgh

Love locking on the Forth Bridge is unbelievably romantic!

Lock your love for all to see on Edinburgh’s Forth Road Bridge. Lock a padlock on the bridge and throw away the key, symbolically locking your love forever. What’s more romantic than that?

5. Explore a secondhand bookshop for a romantic memory

Romantic break in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has lovely secondhand bookshops

Edinburgh has amazing bookshops, full of history, hidden gems and secret corners to steal a kiss in! We love Armchair Books, McNaughton’s and Analogue Books, all of which could all offer a lovely memory of your trip.

4. Find your way into Panda & Sons for a romantic cocktail

Romantic break in Edinburgh

Panda and Sons is one of Edinburgh’s best cocktail bars!

You’ll need to navigate past the barbershop front and past the speakeasy door to find your way into Panda & Sons but we guarantee you’ll find some of the best cocktails you’ve ever had inside.

3. Forget the Louvre – our museums are much better!

Romantic breaks in Edinburgh

The National Museum of Scotland is one for history and architecture enthusiasts!

If you want to visit a museum during your romantic break, Edinburgh is the place to be. We’ve got the National Museum of Scotland, the Scottish National Gallery, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and even a Museum of Childhood….to name a few! They are the perfect place to shelter in from the (sometimes) dreich Scottish weather.

2. Walk the Water of Leith to the Stockbridge Market

Romantic break in Edinburgh

Paris doesn’t have a monopoly on historic markets

Taking a stroll along the Water of Leith path down to Stockbridge for the Sunday market is probably one of the most romantic things you can do. Pick some beautiful, locally sourced produce and cook it together in your Dickins Home from Home. Romance? Check!

1. Arthurs Seat

Romantic breaks in Edinburgh

Not only do we have a castle, but there is beautiful extinct volcano too!

Did you know that Edinburgh has an extinct volcano? It might not sound too romantic, but a walk up this fantastic geological feature is just lovely. Towering over the city, it makes you feel like you are in a medieval fairytale and gives you spectacular views of the city. (It is also a popular proposal destination…hint, hint!)

Edinburgh is the real city of lights!

Botanic Lights at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Botanic Lights at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Now all you need is a romantic apartment, for your perfect getaway!

Dickins has some of the most romantic places to stay you could even imagine. Why not search our properties and find the perfect home from home for your romantic break in Edinburgh!

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  • Penny

    February 22, 2016 at 7:56 am

    So true! The castle is magic. The traffic is less manic and the service is a lot more friendly! The transport system comes with maps, apps and electronic signs (although. Edinburgh bus time goes 3mins to Due in a nanosecond).
    Nor do you have to brush up on your French!


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