What The Dickins: Edinburgh Folk

10 Words You Need to Know When You Visit Edinburgh
What's on in Edinburgh this July
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The Scots language is beautiful but does have words that to the uninitiated could sound like complete gobbledegook! So, before you visit Edinburgh it would be useful to get familiar with some of the slang. That way when you arrive, you’re not going to be completely lost.

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An affair which started with the Edinburgh Festival
Edinburgh Festival
You always fall in love when you least expect it
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Author Philip Caveney has written a special guest blog for us about why he fell in love with the Edinburgh Festival, the city itself and why it has given him so much inspiration.

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Welcome to the Dickins Blog
Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Welcome to our new blog What The Dickins: A Tale of Edinburgh City. We are ridiculously excited about it. Why? Because there are so many amazing things to do in Edinburgh and we now have a place where we can share them with you! Essentially, it’s going to be a…

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